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JENNA: Artificial Intelligence in service of talent recruitment

by iladmin

As a business grows, there’s always a need for additional quality manpower to accelerate and support the growth of the company in its future endeavors. Finding the right candidate is not an easy task and it often requires significant time and money, without any guarantee that you’ll get the best possible candidate for the job. Recent studies conducted by HR experts show that an average company needs to spend anywhere from 4000 up to 7000 dollars in order to hire a single person. Adding the time to screen through all the CVs, check references, perform secondary screenings, etc.  All of which can take more than a month to accomplish, leaving us with the feeling that there should be a way to cut the costs and the time needed to hire people, especially if there’s a need to fill in more than one position.

When Lior Romanowsky, 31-year old Tech entrepreneur from Tel-Aviv, Israel decided to hire a Product Manager for his AI and AR tech company, he realized that it would take forever to screen through more than 200 applicants that sent their CVs to “Spartans” company.

Spartans is a rocket ship propelled by the innovation and creativity of its crew. They build smart solutions using the latest technology. Terefore, the team decided to explore possibilities which would help them with their current situation. Lior and his associates felt there was a need to speed up the process so they could reach the top candidates faster without leaving any CV out. They needed a way to automatically screen the candidates, filter those that meet the requirements and select the best few people that would be worthy of the call to a live job interview.

Since they were unable to find a suitable solution on the market at the time, Lior and his team decided to build a software solution that would be able to filter out the best candidates quickly and effectively.  In two weeks, the team was able to try out their own design which allowed automatic screening of all candidates. The initial solution was a chat software that would be able to ask specific questions, relevant to the position the candidates applied for, and filter out those who don’t fit the requirements. Their effort rendered CVs completely unnecessary, because the candidates were able to answer real-life questions instead of filling out some generic questionnaire, allowing Lior and his team to focus only on those candidates that could bring actual value to the company. This simple solution showed real potential, so the next logical step was to improve it and make it more reliable, smarter, faster, and then bring it to the world.

Speaking about Jenna AI, the Founder & CEO of “Spartans”, Lior Romanowsky said:
When we got all of those applications I was thrilled, but after reviewing about 60 I had a “Houston we have a problem” moment. It was just too much. The realization that the current application method was wrong was almost immediate. The next day we were already specifying our prototype and  in about two weeks time we were live with our first automated solution for screening. We wanted to get answers to our real-life questions, no bullshit and straight to the point.

Jenna is an easy to use AI recruitment platform built to help hiring agents and HR managers screen large number of candidates autonomously. Its main feature makes sure that there’s no more endless browsing through every CV that comes to the company. In addition, the candidates have a more human-friendly experience during the application. Jenna is completely unbiased so the decision who is a suitable candidate doesn’t rely on personal preferences but only on the professional value of each applicant. It’s estimated that 34% of bad hires can be attributed to human error. Jenna doesn’t make those kinds of mistakes because it automatically collects only the most relevant candidate info and compares the data with predefined requirements.

Another feature is ease of use. Simply put, the recruiter logs in to Jenna dashboard as with any other online service. The next step is setting up the company information which helps the system adapt better. When those initial settings are complete, the recruiter has the ability to create a position that the company requires. Based on the provided information the software offers various tags, relevant questions, etc. in order to create a screening procedure that would provide a perfect match for the job. When the screening process is fully customized, you are able to share a link to the job post on Facebook, LinkedIn, or anywhere else you see fit. What’s good about Jenna is that the system also allows Messenger integration so that people could apply for the job without the hustle of writing a resume, looking for the right email address, and pray for someone to check the email altogether.

Jenna is the optimal solution for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much time on deciding on the right candidate. The system conducts a sort of live interview during which it analyzes the answers and filters the proper candidates on the spot. In order to avoid any potential “jokers”, Jenna automatically dismisses any foul language and collects third-party data (such as Linkedin) preventing incorrect data entry at the same time. This means that you get the full picture regarding each candidate. Moreover, machine learning technology allows Jenna to estimate and predict the best match for the company based on the “experience” it gathered over time. This makes a tremendous difference compared to the regular screening process which always leaves room for mistakes, eventually costing you more than you bargained for.

It’s usual for medium-sized start-up businesses to deal with the “Warm body” syndrome. It means that instead of going for the right fit the company hires a person which is the most cost-effective. At first, this can seem like the right idea, however, in the long run, it can create severe problems for the company. With Jenna on your side, you won’t have to worry about that. With the right set of predefined questions, Jenna can find the perfect match cost and experience-wise.

Some hiring agents are too narrow in their search, with personal experience or globally adopted trends leading them towards making a decision. Jenna relies on machine learning, analytics, and your personal needs in order to create the list of candidates you can compare deeper than any recruitment agent could ever allow you to.

Humankind is still not able to build General AI, so we don’t have to worry about defence systems going crazy, causing the end of the world just yet. Nevertheless, the current stage of development allows us to build amazing things and pretty soon we’ll all be able to drive autonomous cars, listen to music composed by AI, and who knows how many more beautiful things await in the future. Jenna AI mastermind Mr. Romanowsky also has an enthusiastic point of view for the future of AI, stating: “Don’t forget, Apollo 11 landed on the moon with less computing power than in your Smartwatch. We expect to see AI spreading wider and enhancing many different fields.  It’s really exciting to see more and more large corporates starting to think about their AI strategy.

The age of writing resumes and waiting for an agent to screen applications in hope that they will do a good job, instead of sending their sister in law to your address, is all but over. AI and machine learning technology allow deeper, more insightful analytics with minimum resources spent. Jenna represents the future of recruitment process, allowing hiring agents and HR managers to be more effective so that business owners could dedicate their time to more important matters such as scaling their business further and increasing their revenue.

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