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Summer 2019 Issue

Dear reader,

There is a tale about the Roman emperor, Tiberius, who one day gave audience to a craftsman with a special invention. The craftsman presented a beautiful glass goblet to the emperor and proceeded to throw it on the floor. To the amazement of all present, the goblet did not shatter but only changed its shape. When picked up, the goblet returned to its original shape. The craftsman proceeded to use a hammer and hit the goblet which, once again, did not shatter. 

“I present you with flexible glass,” said the craftsman. 

The emperor was visibly impressed and asked whether anyone else knew the secret of manufacturing such a miraculous artifact. 

“No, Your Highness. It is a secret only I possess.” 

To his amazement, the craftsman was unceremoniously dragged outside and executed on the spot instead of receiving praise and rewards as he expected. The emperor was simply afraid that this new material would become a competitor to existing precious metals on which commerce relied and thus disrupt the economy and devalue the empire’s treasures. This invention was simply never to become public.

While the historic accuracy of this story is in some doubt, it does convey the notion that organizations have an inert tendency to kill innovative ideas before they even had a chance to incubate. This issue offers certain tools and techniques that will allow your organization to maintain a healthier approach to innovation without disrupting ongoing operations. You will learn about the benefits of using the lean canvas as part of a corporation’s innovation practice through a fascinating interview we were fortunate enough to get with Ash Maurya, the father of “The Lean Canvas.” In this edition, you will also read about tools that promote better decisions on “Where to play” in the first place, an interview with the former EVP of Innovation for one of the world’s largest electronics companies and much more.

I would also like to congratulate our partners in Brazil for releasing the first edition of “The Funnel” in Portuguese. This is a clear indicator that the value we are delivering to innovation professionals is going global. Parabéns Kyvo pela iniciativa e muito sucesso! (Congratulations Kyvo for the initiative and loads of success!)

Ahi Gvirtsman,

Chief Editor & Duco Global Partner

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