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Winter 2020 Issue

Dear reader,

We at The Funnel team are tremendously excited to be releasing the first 2020 edition of the magazine. This special edition is all about openness and the ability to harness the energy and momentum of external forces to the benefit of our organizations. Established organizations are very, how to put this…, established meaning that they are set in their ways, and it is challenging to use the same techniques that brought us to this point to get ourselves to the next level. This is where open innovation comes in and allows organizations to get exposed to and utilize technologies that came from startups, Academia, and even other established organizations for the purpose of breaking out of their limitations of growth and progress. In this special edition, you can learn about how open innovation is handled within organizations of various types. We cover Israel’s national transport infrastructure company and its first foray into the exciting domain of open innovation.

I wish you an enjoyable read!

Ahi Gvirtsman, Chief Editor & Duco Global Partner