The Funnel #3 – Autumn 2018

by iladmin

Internally ready for open innovation?

Autumn 2018 Issue



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Innovation shorts


Six mistakes organizations make when trying to implement transformation – and how to avoid them


The HR of innovation


Transform your business with AI-powered innovation


Case study: chronicles of a real corporate innovation project


JENNA: Artificial intelligence in service of talent recruitment


Mentor, mentee, and everything in between


Different perspective of a hackathon


My chats with bots


The age of experiments


The changing paradigms of HR in the military

Dear reader,

This issue of The Funnel focuses on the fields of HR and technology and the parts both have in corporate innovation.

At Duco, we believe that innovation is the outcome, entrepreneurship practices fuel the execution process and the ecosystem is the place where it all happens.

Thests ecosystems are made of people – the people who think, create and move innovation forward and the people who approve, support and finance innovation related activities. This is why, in order to successfully innovate in corporations, HR must have a central role in planning and implementing the necessary cultural changes.

We also believe that technology has the power to transform business processes, create new opportunities and be a driver of innovation. These two seemingly unconnected fields, HR and technology, complement each other when it comes to innovation. Both are needed in order to bring about successful, continuous innovation.

This September, we celebrate Rosh Hashana – the Jewish New Year. This is the perfect time to take a moment and look around, assess, and renew. I want to invite you to look at your company – the people that make up your organization – their profiles, their job descriptions, the process they go through from hire to retire.

Take a moment to assess your organization’s DNA and culture – and see how, with these ingredients, you can create the best ecosystems for innovation to flourish in. I believe that this issue of The Funnel will help you achieve just that.

The Duco team wishes you an excellent year of innovation success. Shana Tova!

Ahi Gvirtsman, Chief Editor & Duco Global Partner

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